Imira’s new edutainment title ‘Darwin & Newts’ adds the STEM spark to Da Vinci Kids library

Imira Entertainment has inked a deal with the popular edutainment platform Da Vinci Kids for the distribution of their new title Darwin & Newts. The 2D animated STEM-focused show is about two siblings who go on fantastic escapades, discovering and experimenting with early science and engineering principles, while also exploring the natural wonders of the outside world. The 40×11’ series targets 4 to 7-year-olds and includes supplementary educational activity fact sheets and short gamified video clips for social media.

“We are delighted to have this beautiful animation title Darwin & Newts, which has humour, imagination, and meaningful educational takeaways for preschool children,” commented Imira Entertainment VP Media Sales Gulshan David. “With this partnership, the show will now be available to the collective global subscribers of both Azoomee and Da Vinci Kids via connected TV, linear channels and mobile apps.”

Da Vinci Kids will service Season 1 and 2 of the series; the second season is currently in production. The agreement also includes the distribution of the digital science activity shorts accompanying each season in Asia (excluding China and Japan); Africa; Central and Eastern Europe; Russia/CIS; Poland; Turkey; several western EU countries (most notably the UK/Ireland, Spain, Italy); and the US. The show will now be available for kids around the world to access and watch from digital and linear platforms.

“We’re really excited about this series coming to Da Vinci and Azoomee since it’s a great editorial fit for our STEAM-focused fun learning digital and linear channels,” added Azoomee/Da Vinci director of content Luca Fiore. “Darwin and Newts joins our expanded library of upper preschool content for families in our territories, which we are offering alongside our ever-growing slate of content for older kids.”

The company plans to expand the reach of the show through social media, press and linear TV efforts. The Da Vinci Kids TV channel is broadcast in over 100 countries across Central Eastern Europe; Turkey; Russia/CIS; Africa; and South East Asia. It is available 24/7 in 19 languages, including English; Polish; Russian; Ukrainian; Hungarian; Turkish; Bulgarian; Thai; and Indonesian.

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